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More Than a Kitchen

More idyllic than a Nancy Meyers movie set, this fresh and fabulous kitchen design expresses the Lake Geneva lifestyle beautifully!  We are excited to share the inspiring kitchen of a recently completed Lowell Custom Homes.  A lake home aesthetic is firmly established by the talented interior designers at North Shore Nest.  Photography by Aimée Mazzennga captures the rooms for all of us to appreciate.

The kitchen environment has evolved over time into a space where most of our home life happens.  Square footage and amenities have both expanded.  The result is a spacious design to accommodate our busy lifestyles.  The freshest kitchen designs strike a balance between comfort and practicality.

Kitchen Design

Furniture quality cabinetry is the key to making it all work seamless. This home features custom cabinetry from Das Holz Haus,  selected for their meticulous craftsmanship and superior finishing.   Their motto, “. . .  the most valuable tools are our hands” speaks to the integrity and construction of each piece.

Lacanche range in french blue and brass trim

Cooking is at the heart of any kitchen design and here a Lacanche range is the true centerpiece.  Known for their superior performance among home cooks and professional chefs, these ranges are made to order deep in the Burgundy countryside of France.  This work of art was created in French Blue with signature brass trim.

The range adds a distinctive charm to the kitchen along with a full height patterned backsplash. Reflecting the range finishes, a sophisticated blend of brass and nickel is applied throughout the kitchen for hardware, lighting, and trim.

Functionality in Kitchen Design

The kitchen has become the new living room.  It is a family friendly space with designated areas for food prep, cooking, cleaning, working, and gathering together.  It all began in the 80’s by taking down a wall.  Now the open concept kitchen continues to mature with generous space permitting zones dedicated to specialized activities.  This often includes expansive countertop work surfaces and a super-sized island or two.

The cabinetry is beautiful while supporting customized storage.  A peek inside reveals expert planning by the kitchen designers at  Geneva Cabinet Company in Lake Geneva. Impressive cabinet interiors house everything needed to keep a home running smoothly, even during the most hectic time of day.

The full height storage wall features (from left to right) a storage pantry with roll out shelving, the Miele Coffee System, multiple refrigerator drawers, built-in sideboard, and Sub Zero integrated 30″ refrigerator with 30″ freezer.

In addition to storage, the built-in niche presents a durable surface ideal for serving foods and beverages.  The refrigerator drawers located in this section keep essentials like coffee cream, ice, and snacks within reach.

Floor to ceiling cabinetry takes advantage of the full wall height for storage while visually adding substance to this voluminous space.  With cabinetry this efficient, every kitchen component is neatly tucked away to avoid clutter.  Dexter has plenty of space to make himself comfortable while basking in a sunbeam.


Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island has progressed with the rest of the room to become a mainstay for family activity and entertaining.

In this home two very generous islands further define kitchen versatility.  The inside island across from the range contains two dishwashers, two apron front sinks, a waste bin and compactor.  The back of this unit boasts 18″ deep drawers for easy accessibility.  The space between the two island is an entertainer’s dream.  A microwave, warming drawer and more storage keeps everything within reach when serving friends and family.  The public side of the outer island is finished with paneling and a countertop extension for casual dining and gathering.

And while the kitchen is an absolute dream, the adjacent dining room offers yet another dining alternative with sweeping views of the lake.

To see all of the impressive details of this Lowell Custom Home visit Poolside Paradise in our Featured Home Gallery.

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Custom Home by Lowell Custom Homes

Interior Design by North Shore Nest

Photos by Aimée Mazzenga


Built In Storage Ideas for Every Room

Are you dreaming of a beautiful clutter free home? Is storage something you only think about when your pots are toppling over or when you’re frantically looking for your keys?
LOWELL thinks about storage in the early planning stages of every building or remodeling project. It can’t be an afterthought; otherwise you end up with cookie cutter solutions that don’t work for most families. Our first step is listening and understanding the unique lifestyle needs of every client.
The latest trend for home design responds to modern living with designated storage space in every room for frequently used items. The beauty and practicality of kitchen and bath storage is expanding to every room. Accommodations for connecting to technology and convenient charging stations are finding multiple locations throughout the home.
Important questions we ask, you can ask yourself when planning a home improvement project:

  • How do I use each room?
  • What activities take place in each room most often?
  • What household or personal items are used for each activity in the room?

Drop Zone Laundry Mud Room
Out the door convenience is at the top of every list. The grungy mud room is a thing of the past when storage is included in the plan. Referred to as the “drop zone” or “landing pad” everyone has a place to sort their on-the-go necessities. Benches, hooks, cubbies and charging stations keep everyone organized for grab and go convenience.
Hearth room image
Living Room, Family Room, Gathering Rooms, all need built in storage that contributes to the overall design aesthetic. The numerous electronic components and accessories need suitable housing. Storage for blankets, games and your pets squeaky toys should easily co-exist with decorative displays.
dining room with built in cabinetry small
Dining rooms delight with built-ins that provide convenient storage for bulky serving pieces as well as a buffet surface. Glass front cabinetry will highlight collections while drawers and doors keep dining china and flatware organized and at your fingertips.
window wall image
Window walls are an opportunity for storage in any room. A window seat with storage adds both seating with storage benefits. When wall space is generous a niche can be created for a window seat or vanity flanked by generous closet space. This solution can be a real space saver when space it tight. It also adds value when the need to purchase furniture for storage is eliminated.
closet image
Personal items find a home in closets that perform far beyond the recommended  48” hanging space per person. Coveted personal collections like purses or shoes can be featured for your enjoyment in glass front cabinets instead of stored in boxes. Include a vanity for delicate items like jewelery and lingerie. A mirror and good lighting are essential for pulling yourself together and getting on with your day.
Blog Kitchen image
To wrap up all of your storage dreams, the kitchen! The cabinets you know so well have evolved. This kitchen designed by Geneva Cabinet Company include specialized dividers and pull outs for ergonomic ease. We love a well thought out Kitchen Island for expanded storage. Drawers are another easy to reach storage solution for sorting kitchen necessities. Knowing your style of food prep from gourmet to short order cook will dictate your storage needs with no wasted space.
Consider this, having an organized home has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety! A study by Real Simple magazine shows that the average American spends 55 minutes a day looking for lost or misplaced items! There are a lot more pleasant things you could do with 55 minutes each day.